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Welcome to my portfolio! The most recent pieces of my work can be found here. Feel free to also visit my youtube channel or my dev blog.
I am a passionate video game player and developer with a B.Sc. in Game Design.Besides bringing along typical German virtues like precision and reliability I also have a strong desire to work on games that define their genre. I found that passion when I first started to modify games like Half Life 1. Ever since I have continued learning new techniques and fields related to game development.

Today, the primary tasks at my current employer consists of creating a number of different systems. They range from high level gameplay logic and interactive entities to autonomous AI agents. These agents perceive their environment and each other as well as communicate with each other and other interactive entities.

Continued effort to stay up to speed with new technology and development in the industry is a must for me. I spend part of my spare time seeking to improve existing skills as well as learning selected work flows and tools that I don’t get in touch with at work. I’ve found the most efficient way to do this is to combine learning with an actual project. My latest one is a remake of the once popular Half Life 2 mod Resistance and Liberation that I have ported to Unreal Engine 4 and built a team of 12 active and talented people around it.

Professional experience:
- Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age - Technical Designer, A.I.
- Warface Siberian Winter campaign - Level Design
- Ryse Multiplayer - Technical Designer
- Crysis3 - Technical Designer
- Spec Ops – The Line (Xbox 360, PS3 and PC) - embedded QA for AI
- Unannounced XBLA prototype made by Binary Madness

Mod Experience:
- Resistance And Liberation - Game Design, Code and 3D Art
- Left4Dead 1 and 2 - Custom Level Design
- Day of Defeat - Custom Level Design

- B.Sc. Gamedesign at Mediadesign Hochschule (MD.H) Berlin
- Abitur at Gymnasium Stade

- Solid programming background: C++, C#, UnrealScript and Flash Action Script (Scaleform)
- Excellent visual scripting abilities (Blueprints, Flowgraph)
- High and Low Poly modeling
- Ability to learn new tools and pick up new concepts quickly
- Good interdisciplinary problem solving abilities
- Effective teamwork within given schedules

- Unreal Engine 3 and 4
- CryEngine 3 and 5
- Hammer Editor
- MS VisualStudio
- WinDbg
- PIX (Performance Index for Xbox 360)
- Autodesk 3dsMax, Softimage XSI
- Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash
- Perforce, Subversion


- Panzerhaubitze 2000 - a project a fellow student and I created.
   Music: Richard Strauss - "Also sprach Zarathustra"

- Panzerhaubitze 2000 - low resolution

Flash games

- Mighty Space Miners - a flash game I created with two fellow students as a project for university.

- Sl*t - The Game - a flash based game that I helped create. It was used as promo game for a new album of the german band "Slut". Despite the rather unusual name this band makes pop music.


- Mental Asylum - A campaign for the Valve game "Left 4 Dead 2". 3 out of the 4 parts of that campaign are done. The map is also available at


- RnL trailer - The 2007 christmas trailer for the HL2 mod Resistance and Liberation - the mod download can be found here.

- - a project I've been working on for several years.

- Sebastian Knietzsch - a member of the team that created MightySpaceMiners

- Binary Madness - Game Design made in Berlin

- Mediadesign Hochschule

Contact me via LinkedIn:


PZH 2000

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1

Audi S3 2008

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br2

BMW 760i

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br3

Tire and Rims

March 15, 2010+br850+br478+br4

Mental Asylum Subway

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br5

Mental Asylum Sewers

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br6

St Come du Mont

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br7

Gulf of Krimsekistan

March 15, 2010+br1000+br584+br8


March 17, 2010+br1000+br625+br9

Bath House

March 17, 2010+br1000+br625+br10

Vintage Citroen

September 18, 2016+br1000+br601+br11

US Parachute Infantry

September 18, 2016+br390+br625+br12

Audi S3 2008 UDK

July 16, 2012+br1000+br625+br13

Bell UH1H Huey

July 16, 2012+br1000+br625+br14

Prussian P38

March 16, 2010+br1000+br625+br15


March 18, 2010+br878+br625+br16

BMW 760i

I created this model in order to learn 3DS max high poly modeling. The reference is a BMW 760i from 2005. The carpaint material is a Shellac material available at CGTalk.
BMW 760i

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1000

BMW 760i back

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1001

BMW 760i head light

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1002

BMW 760i back

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1003

BMW 760i

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1004

Audi S3 2008

This is the model of a Audi S3 from 2008.
Audi S3 2008

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1005

Audi S3 2008 back

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1006

Audi S3 2008

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1007

PZH 2000

The PZH 2000 was modeled with a fellow student as final test of our 3D class in university.

While he was responsible for building the turret and the animations I modeled the body, UVed the finished mesh and created the camouflage texture sheet.

The result of this work is a video that can be downloaded here.
PZH 2000

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1008

PZH 2000 aerial

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1009

PZH 2000 left side

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1010

PZH 2000 back

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1011

PZH 2000 ready to fire

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1012

PZH 2000 right side

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1013

PZH 2000

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1014

PZH 2000 camouflage texture sheet

March 15, 2010+br625+br625+br1015

Tire and Rims

I modeled this set of a tire and rims as preparation for larger models, like the BMW I used it for. The tire bump map is from a tutorial.
Tire and Rims

March 15, 2010+br850+br478+br1016

Gulf Of Krimsekistan

Gulf of Krimsekistan is a multiplayer map for the game "Settlers - Rise of an Empire".

It features 2 traders on each side of the bay who are the only resources for trade goods that are vital to the game's progress and winning the game later.

I created it during the level design course in university together with a fellow student. We both designed it but had to come up with a build of it on our own as result.

Gulf of Krimsekistan

March 15, 2010+br1000+br584+br1017

Gulf of Krimsekistan - trader's harbor

March 15, 2010+br1000+br585+br1018

Gulf of Krimsekistan - central island

March 15, 2010+br1000+br584+br1019

Gulf of Krimsekistan - monk island

March 15, 2010+br1000+br584+br1020

Gulf of Krimsekistan

March 15, 2010+br625+br625+br1021

St Come Du Mont

St. Come du Mont was one of the areas to be captured by the allied paratroopers who landed in the Normandy. It was my first map for Resistance and Liberation.

The challenge I faced creating this map was to make a large outdoor area style level with a tool set and an engine that was optimized to do indoor and medium sized outdoor levels.

Another challenge was the indoor lighting. The Source engine is particularly weak when it comes to bounce lights, especially with it's default bounce lights, resulting in extremely dark indoor areas even when those have windows to the brightly lit outside.

In order to still have good looking indoor areas that are not all lit by artificial light sources (who turns on lamps at daytime anyway?) I had to cheat a little and use a number of carefully placed and set up spot lights infront of each window to fake a proper lighting.
St Come du Mont

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1022

St Come du Mont - trenches

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1023

St Come du Mont - trenches

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1024

St Come du Mont - gardens

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1025

St Come du Mont

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1026

St Come du Mont - backyard

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1027

St Come du Mont - bed room

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1028

St Come du Mont - barn

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1029

St Come du Mont

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1030

Mental Asylum Sewers

This is the second of five maps in my campaign for the Valve game "Left 4 Dead". It leads the four players through a sewer system, up into an apartment block and concludes in an underground carpark of a hotel that serves as location of the third map.
Mental Asylum Sewers

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1031

Mental Asylum Sewers

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1032

Mental Asylum Sewers

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1033

Mental Asylum Sewers - living room

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1034

Mental Asylum Sewers - surface access

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1035

Mental Asylum Sewers - pump station

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1036

Mental Asylum Sewers

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1037

Mental Asylum Sewers

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1038

Mental Asylum Subway

The first of 5 map of my "Left 4 Dead" campaign. The players start in the control room of a subway station. They have to make their way through the large station and the outbound tunnels in order to get into a flooded part of the city's sewers. The sewers are the location of the following map
Mental Asylum Subway

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1039

Mental Asylum Subway - store

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1040

Mental Asylum Subway - station

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1041

Mental Asylum Subway - platform

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1042

Mental Asylum Subway

March 15, 2010+br1000+br625+br1043

Prussian P38

One of my "Resistance and Liberation" maps is featuring a train station, yet no trainstation would be perfect without a train, so I made one.

The base textures I used to create the sheets are taken from CG
Prussian P38

March 16, 2010+br1000+br625+br1044

Prussian P38 - left side

March 16, 2010+br1000+br625+br1045

Prussian P38 - right side

March 16, 2010+br1000+br625+br1046

Prussian P38 - profile

March 16, 2010+br1000+br625+br1047

Prussian P38

March 16, 2010+br1000+br625+br1048

In Crysis with Spec and Normal map

August 7, 2010+br1000+br625+br1049

In Crysis with Spec and Normal map

August 7, 2010+br1000+br625+br1050

Prussian P38

March 16, 2010+br850+br531+br1051

Vintage Citroen

A vintage Citroen I modeled to learn the UE4 asset pipeline
Vintage Citroen

September 18, 2016+br1000+br601+br1052

Vintage Citroen

October 3, 2016+br1000+br601+br1053

US Parachute Infantry

A U.S. Parachute Infantry NCO that I made to learn the UE4 character pipeline
US Parachute Infantry

September 18, 2016+br390+br625+br1054

US Parachute Infantry

September 18, 2016+br390+br625+br1055


Dieppe is my latest map for the HL2 mod RnL.

It features newly implemented gameplay modes like objective destruction and will force both teams to both attack their targets while defending the enemy's targets.

It is still a "work on progress", so some screenshots show the grey texture used to layout the entire map and it's missing quite some detail.

March 17, 2010+br1000+br625+br1056

Dieppe church

March 17, 2010+br1000+br625+br1057

Dieppe bridge

March 17, 2010+br1000+br625+br1058

Dieppe stores

March 17, 2010+br1000+br625+br1059


March 17, 2010+br1000+br625+br1060

Bath House

The bath house level is part of a small game that I developed with a team of fellow students.

We were presented with an engine called Shark 3D that no one of use knew to that date and after a brief introduction of it's capabilites, limits and workflow we were assigned the task to develop a game within 5 weeks.

We chose to create a multiplayer game that featured an "Gears of War" like annex point gameplay.

My task was to develop a level that worked for up to 16 people. That included:

- creating a working layout
- position all necessary entities
- creating the textures
- scripting the gameplay, including timers, collision detection for the triggers and the gameplay logic for pickups like armor and "regeneration zones" that refilled the player's health.
Bath House

March 17, 2010+br1000+br625+br1061

Bath House

March 17, 2010+br970+br625+br1062


I programmed this level editor with C# as a tool for the development of a Flash based promo game that I helped working on during my studies.

My responsibilities during the development were:

- helping to come up with and refining a design fit for a 2D sidescroller music game.
- identify the needs of the artists and the requirements of the gamedesign for a level editor.
- develop and maintain a flexible editor to create multiple levels with different settings and entities
- design a XML based format for storing the information of the levels
- implement an interface that is capable of reading and processing the level information
- work closely together with another programmer to implement the collision of the game and program a collision editor to create the game's collision meshes.

March 18, 2010+br878+br625+br1063

LevelEditor - Collision Editor

March 18, 2010+br1000+br562+br1064

Start Menu

March 18, 2010+br656+br538+br1065


March 18, 2010+br656+br538+br1066

Bell UH1H Huey

A Huey from the Vietnam area. It's rigged and fully functional in CryEngine3.
Bell UH1H Huey

July 16, 2012+br1000+br625+br1067

Bell UH1H Huey

July 16, 2012+br1000+br625+br1068

Bell UH1H Huey

July 16, 2012+br1000+br625+br1069

Bell UH1H Huey

July 16, 2012+br1000+br625+br1070

Huey Ingame 01

July 18, 2012+br1000+br625+br1071

Huey Ingame 02

July 18, 2012+br1000+br625+br1072

Audi S3 2008 UDK

The 2008 version of Audi's S3. Fully rigged, operational and destructible in the UDK. Features emissive textures, toggleable head and brake lights and an ignition that can be accessed in Kismet. The car paint is done in a shader, so there's just a small amount of texture space used for the outter parts.
Audi S3 2008 UDK

July 16, 2012+br1000+br625+br1073


July 16, 2012+br1000+br625+br1074


July 16, 2012+br1000+br625+br1075


July 16, 2012+br1000+br625+br1076

Emissive textures and spot lights

July 16, 2012+br1000+br625+br1077

Destructible geometry

July 16, 2012+br1000+br625+br1078

Audi S3 2008 UDK

July 16, 2012+br512+br512+br1079

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